Developing and producing superior quality aquafeeds

Assured fish nutrition
assured fish nutrition

Growth through collaboration


assured fish nutrition

“Assured Fish Nutrition” is what we are best known for and makes a sea of difference to our stakeholders and customers.

For the last two decades we have grown together with some of the most successful and innovative aquaculture businesses across the Mediterranean.

From raw materials to finished product we pay close attention to the quality and safety of our aquafeeds, to guarantee the best results in key performance indicators.

irida about us home
irida about us home

Committed to excellence

Expertise & state of the art
production facilities

We are a team of experts researching, developing and producing sustainable aquafeeds always assuring they meet the nutritional health and welfare needs of aquaculture species.

We give priority to optimising production costs through sustainable practices and offering quality, niche advisory services for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Our state of the art facilities with two factories and four distinct and separate production lines, enable us to produce with precision and at scale and allow us to be competitive in the whole Mediterranean.

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Embracing environmental challenges

Sustainability is our compass

We focus on adopting practices both in raw material selection and our operations, in harmony with the environment and society, while offering top quality biological and cost effective solutions for our customers.